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Take Stunning Pictures! ūüďł

Level up your Instagram feed by taking¬†stunning¬†pictures¬†with the Sunset Lamp. The Sunset Lamp projects a sunset like glow on to your walls making it so you can enjoy all the benefits of¬†golden-hour lighting¬†anytime, anywhere. Don’t worry, the pictures you take will be sure to¬†impress all of your followers. Just be prepared for all the comments asking you where you got it!

  • Golden Hour 24/7.
  • Impress Your Instagram Followers.
  • Capture Unique Photos.

Romantic Visual Experience

If you are dreaming of having a romantic modern home, this projection lamp is a must have. A simple ambient light can change the atmosphere of the room, giving you a warm and noble retro visual experience.

Made of high quality materials. The Sunset projection lamp is very stable and have a great contemporary/modern look.
Energy-efficient; LED technology, it’s very economical and never gets hot. Just plug it in a usb and press the on/off button.
The soft light is great for lighting and taking pictures. Suitable for kids bedroom, living room, party, outdoor BBQ, Live background light, creating a brilliant atmosphere.
Size: Height: 27CM
Lamp diameter: 8CM
Chassis diameter: 10CM (The lamp holder can be rotated)
Material: Aluminium
Package include:  1x Lamp, 1x cable with on/off switch;1.2 meters long USB cable

4 reviews for SUNSET LAMP

  1. Sailu

    My daughter and I are in love with this light. So perfect and lights up the whole room with a soft, ambient sunset feel. It’s very bright, so can fill up a large room, which I was skeptical about, but it does!

  2. Dany Soren

    This light is literally ready in 2 seconds. Nothing to assemble, nothing to set-up or connect. I just plugged it in and already had the nicest sunsets here in my apartment – with the advantage that it never disappears. The only thing of course is that you need to find a spot where you have a decent distance to a wall and still prevent from blinding all the people living in these rooms. But I finally found a nice spot and I’ve set it up with a timer for the morning and the evening and so I can enjoy the warm light of the golden hours even when it’s fully overcast, rainy and gloomy here. I never thought it would make such a difference.

  3. megha kr

    Beautiful atmosphere with this sunset light! this lamp is made out of metal and works nicely, the sunset effect feels romantic and it is great for photo shoot and videos!

  4. wasim


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